Double BDC Productivity

The average business development rep will complete 94 consumer touches in a day. With Rapid Response we've been able to double a reps capacity to 200. Do more with Less. Make your BDC team the most productive it's ever been.

How Good Are Your BDR's?

Rapid Response brings full transparency to your BDC operation. Know Agent performance metrics and aggregate performance metrics quickly. Our software will energize your team and make it fun to work leads.

85% Contact Rates*

65% Appointment
Set Rates*

50%+ Show Rates

50%+ Sales Rate

Lead Types & Sources Matter

Where you're getting your leads from often times determines how well your team will convert. The information that comes along with your leads determines the type.

  • Leads with mobile phone numbers are the best performing
  • Leads with email only are the worst performing
  • Out of area leads perform less than local leads

Rapid Response Always Chooses the Best Next Piece of Work

Stop spending time thinking about what to do next. Our software does the thinking for you.

Stop Thinking.
Start Doing.

Leverage a data-driven approach that chooses the next best piece of work for your agents to do based on dozens of factors.

Amplify Your Teams Capacity

Do the work of 4 BDC reps with 1 rep and Rapid Response